On crystallization and dissolution.

NaCl focuses its attention on a small region in the province of Guadalajara (Spain) that has the particularity of containing small salt mines that are now in ruins and which, before the Middle Ages, were home-grown, and already with the reign of Alfonso VII, in the 12th century, a way of obtaining economic benefits from the production of salt.

The salt deposits are formed by the evaporation of lagoons kept in contact with the sea by a narrow channel. The movements, folds and dislocations of the terrestrial layer, displaced the water from the surface of the continents and caused new situations and contexts that favor the appearance of these deposits.

It is necessary to maintain a broad look to understand certain aspects of this project, a way of seeing that can involve geological processes that originate 200 million years ago in the same artistic body and the reflection of these processes in the constitution of social events. The spatial variable also acquires new dimensions, what has happened and is happening under our feet covers a considerable length when this look tries to see the different stratified layers.

Undoubtedly, there are many moments and milestones that are related and interact in such a space / time dimension, but all of them can be located in two large containers capable of giving different meaning to these stops in time, one scientific, with a rational character, and another social one, where “magic” has a clear role. It is this duality that gives rise to the key question at the heart of NaCl, can a parallel narrative be written between geological time and social time?

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