There is a way in which it tries to express the more or less deep knowledge of an activity, science or object, the encyclopedia.

The Grolier publishing house, which gives its name to the project, launched in the middle of the last century a compendium of books under the title “Las Bellas Artes”, in Spanish, and “The Books of Art”, in English, in an attempt to truly approximate on the narration of a History of the artistic doing of humanity.

The project gives importance to language and how it is used to construct instruments of “truth”, perhaps producing more bias or distance between the event and its narration, bringing out a fascinating relationship between reality, fantasy and History.

We can find a parallel between the physical support of the book, the paper, the ink, the adhesive and its relationship with the footprint left by the environment that it has endured until it is photographed and the content expressed in words when crossing the noise of information created in around the subject dealt with in each volume.

From a poetic point of view, there is an intention to contemplate the exterior and its opposite, the interior, from a landscape or territory perspective, the paper cover and its palpable texture and the words that give conceptual meaning to each volume.

10 photographs | 24×30 cm and 120×150 cm

Origenes del arte occidental

El arte italiano hasta 1850

arte flamenco y holandes

arte aleman y español hasta 1900

arte frances desde 1359 a 1850

el arte ingles y norteamericano hasta 1900

impresionistas y postimpresionistas

arte moderno

arte chino y japones

como mirar al arte


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